Bruna Ginammi Ausstellung Berlin
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Ausstellung: 11.03.2023 - 22.04.2023

Künstler: Bruna Ginammi

Veranstalter & Ort:
Galerie Galerie Mazzoli GmbH
10437 Berlin
Eberswalderstr. 30

Galerie Mazzoli is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in its Berlin space by Bruna Ginammi, an artist with a history of photographic research established over many years.
The exhibition displays some of her most significant photographic series.

Bruna Ginammi was born in Bergamo, Italy, in 1964. She lives and works in Milan

Bruna Ginammi

11.03.2023 - 22.04.2023
Bruna Ginammi


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