Orit Fuchs Artist now represented by FRANK FLUEGEL GALERIE in Germany and Austria. Ausstellung Nuernberg


Datum: 23.01.2024 - 31.12.2024

Künstler: Orit Fuchs

Veranstalter & Ort:
90403 Nuernberg
Obere Woerthstr. 12

Orit Fuchs, born on December 25, 1970 in Holon, Israel, now lives and works in Tel Aviv. She is a storyteller with a deep, pure and insatiable appetite for artistic self-expression. Her mediums are diverse: sculpture, painting, typography, illustration, knitting, photography and more - whatever works best to bring her vision to life.

Having worked as an art director for some of Israels leading agencies, Orit Fuchs is intimately familiar with pop culture and gender roles in todays society, which serves as a natural backdrop for her imagination to unfold. Her understanding of the human psyche and her keen talent result in moving works that sit somewhere between fiction and reality, capturing insights from wondrous perspectives.

The central theme in Orit Fuchs art is the image of women and the various forms it can take in modern society. Her female characters are imbued with the full range of human emotions and states of mind.

Its creative journalism that uses a single portrait or illustrated moment to tell whole stories that so many women can identify with.
What is particularly refreshing about Fuchs work is that she does not attempt to glorify women or turn them into banal objects of perfection. Instead, she tries to capture their drama, their sass, their inner confidence, their unabashed sex appeal and their unadulterated charm. In this sense, her pictures in the VIVID series are reminiscent of photographs of the elusive female soul. They are like looking through the eyes of a poet in love, capturing all the spontaneous beauty and magic that springs from these women expressions.
Further proof of Orit Fuchs unusual approach is her series Short Stories, which shows faceless women in trivial but wonderfully natural moments. Fuchs puts the viewer in a poetic mood and lets them fill in the blanks themselves. The colors she chooses evoke the emotions that each image is meant to capture. This series feels personal and universal at the same time. At first glance, it may seem extremely simple, but it is the kind of simplicity that borders on genius.

Orit Fuchs oil paintings definitely lean more towards high, somewhat trippy art, and this is the category where Fuchs talent seems most eclectic and unpredictable. Nonetheless, they exhibit her trademark vibrancy and contemporary edge.

Fuchs sculptures are playful, charmingly innocent and tastefully simple. They include female figures such as Sofia the Swimmer, Miss Kate and The Capsule, but also Pinocchio figures and sumo wrestlers who can breathe life into even the gloomiest surroundings. Whatever the individual figures may look like, they are all whimsical works of art that embody the sense of wonder and joie de vivre that our inner child has retained.

Orit Fuchs has made a name for himself on the international art scene, with highly acclaimed projects and exhibitions in major cities such as Toronto, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Korea and Taiwan.
Press reviews from Vogue Taiwan to the Guardian or Time Out Magazine attest to her resounding international success.

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Obere Woerthstrasse 12
90403 Nuernberg

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