Online-Event: LEVITIKUS by Hermann Nitsch Ausstellung

Ausstellung: 01.09.2011 - 00.00.0000

Künstler: Hermann Nitsch

Veranstalter & Ort:
Edition ArtCollectorsClub
80331 Muenchen
Sendlinger Str. 20

In his Levitikus series Hermann Nitsch explores rituals and rules of sacrifice in a group of works inspired by the Third Book of Moses – also known as Leviticus. Selected by the Israeli publishing house Har-El in 2010 to create a book with reference to one Old Testament Bible text, he joined the ranks of renowned artists such as Günter Uecker, Jannis Kounellis, Emil Schumacher and Chillida who have also worked on this unique project. For the book itself Nitsch used the terragraph printing method, a special screen-printing process in which sand is applied to the paper to create texture and structure. For this ArtCollectorsClub event, the same technique has been used to apply the images to canvas. Now is your chance to acquire one of the printed canvases, each in an edition of 30.
Levitikus has been presented in Museé St. Etienne in France as well as in the Stiftung Dekomte in Seligenstadt, Germany. For 2011 the exhibition is scheduled for the Leopold Museum and in the Jewish Museum of Austria.

Visit us to learn more about this extraordinary artist:

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